Campaign: Danger is my Middle Name

Current Date: 4th of the 8th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

Deeper and deeper into the Ancient Karui complex you have ventured. It is now clear that this is not a place of rest for the honoured dead, but a high-tech reliquary built to guard something that even the ancients considered dangerous and repulsive. Deeper and deeper you have travelled, sustaining more and more wounds, but you have yet to find any hint of what Samarkand may have left for his descendants. Apart from a single painted mark on a wall, there has been no sign of him at all. Which begs the question - what exactly is hidden here?

Dramatis Personae

  • Sir William "Danger" Gladstone, a brave but delusional bard with unusual powers that he channels through a horn. [James]
  • Anna di Noli, a sorceress and swashbuckler who is heir to a famous explorer. [Fridi]
  • Khufut Al-Akhun, a 13-year old alchemical prodigy who got caught up with the wrong crowd and swept up into a life of adventure. [Tom]

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Valencius di Noli: Anna's uncle, a mage and occult researcher who dabbles in demonology. He's no warmage, but has a love of learning and many useful tricks up his sleeve.
  • The Creative One: A long-dead bard that was formerly trapped in an ancient bracelet. You've managed to free him, and he's decided to stick around for a bit before passing on to the afterlife. Whether he's a help or a hindrance depends on the time of day and who you ask.

Important Names

  • Teoth: The Lower Kingdom of the Twin Kingdoms, where you began your adventure. It sprawls across the Nuit Delta.
  • Khemet: The Upper Kingdom of the Twin Kingdoms, where Ricardo di Noli has brought you in search of some ancient fabled treasure. It follows the River Nuit on its massive journey across the desert.
  • The Underworld: A region of the Samarkand Mountains, where the River Nuit passes beneath the ground and meets its source. This is where, according to Samarkand's last journal, a wondrous treasure is hidden.
  • Per-Anput: An imposing walled city build on top of an Ancient Karui necropolis, where the priesthood of Anubis rules supreme.