Campaign: Danger is my Middle Name

Current Date: 11th of the 7th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

Terror on the moonlit waters! You escaped from Per-Wadjet, but a terrible presence has accompanied the Albatross. It has already claimed the lives of three sailors, and now lurks amongst the crew - finding out exactly who is affected has been difficult. You had just identified a suspicious individual - in the dead of night, no less - when a call rang out from the crow's nest. "Ship ho! It's gaining on us fast!". A corvette has slipped from a discreet side channel, manned by forces unknown, and is coming for you.

Dramatis Personae

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Alhazred: A mage, and a high-ranking Medjay. William's patron and a significant player in the intrigue of Per-Wadjet.
  • Vance the Lesser: A powerful sorceror that the Sedge and Bee have contracted. He is a demonologist who has power over a malicious inhabiting spirit.
  • Fetcher: The malicious inhabiting demon that has been sent after you by Vance the Lesser.
  • Ricardo di Noli: Anna's father, a famous explorer and the captain of the Albatross. He's the party's host at present, and wants to deal with the plots of the Sedge and Bee so the party can set off in search of some mythical treasure.

Important Names

  • Teoth: The Lower Kingdom of the Twin Kingdoms, where you began your adventure. It sprawls across the Nuit Delta.
  • Khemet: The Upper Kingdom of the Twin Kingdoms, where Ricardo di Noli has brought you in search of some ancient fabled treasure. It follows the River Nuit on its massive journey across the desert.
  • Per-Wadjet: The capitol city of Teoth, the jewel of the River Nuit, and the house of the Pharaoh.
  • Order of the Sedge and Bee: A group of xenophobic wealthy merchants and nobles in Per-Wadjet who use their power and influence to crush foreigners.
  • The Albatross: Ricardo di Noli's ship, and your current base of operations.