Campaign: Danger is my Middle Name

Current Date: 22nd of the 8th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

The Infinite Castle has transplanted you from Morus itself, and taken you to a Citadel - a dwarven spelljammer that fills an entire asteroid and travels through space by the power of its enchanted Forge. However, the Citadel is abandoned - the surface is airless - and it is inhabited by dragons and the undead.

The way out is open to you at any time, but the call of this place has kept you rooted here. An elven necromancer enslaves a legion of undead dwarves, and fledgling dragons guard a precious treasure taken from a slain dwarven adventurer. Can you brave the perils here and come out with your prize?

Dramatis Personae

  • Sir William "Danger" Gladstone, a brave but delusional bard with unusual powers that he channels through a horn. [Foster]
  • Anna di Noli, a sorceress and swashbuckler who is heir to a famous explorer. [Fridi]
  • Khufut Al-Akhun, a 13-year old alchemical prodigy who got caught up with the wrong crowd and swept up into a life of adventure. [Tom]
  • Shamesh-Nasir, a Karui nomad in search of Achimi's wisdom. [Wrycraft]

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Valencius di Noli: Anna's uncle, a mage and occult researcher who dabbles in demonology. He's no warmage, but has a love of learning and many useful tricks up his sleeve. However, he has now left you after a particularly grisly incident on the river.

Important Names