Campaign: Danger is my Middle Name

Current Date: 29th of the 8th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

The dust settles on the lair of the yao guai - which has become bloodier than it ever was when those monsters laired here. Around you in the jungle clear is the aftermath of a battle between you and some visitors from the mainland. The fight was not without casualty - Anna, in particular, nearly lost her life in the fighting - but ultimately, you were victorious.

Dramatis Personae

  • Sir William "Danger" Gladstone, a brave but delusional bard with unusual powers that he channels through a horn. [Foster]
  • Anna di Noli, a sorceress and swashbuckler who is heir to a famous explorer. [Fridi]
  • Khufut Al-Akhun, a 13-year old alchemical prodigy who got caught up with the wrong crowd and swept up into a life of adventure. [Tom]
  • Shamesh-Nasir, a Karui nomad in search of Achimi's wisdom. [Wrycraft]

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Asperia: A fire-eyed genasi shaman who serves the spirits and maintains the balance. He has become your patron and guide on the island.

Important Names

  • Firewalker Clans: The collective name for the many indigenous clans that inhabit the Fire Islands.
  • Red-Throat Clan: The clan that has welcomed you into their community, providing you shelter and food in your time here.