Campaign: The Wandering Elf

Current Date: 4th of the 7th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

The elves and orcs clashed, and there was nothing you could do to stop them. You managed to convince the leader of the orcs to take Gilead and some of the youngest orcs away from the fighting, though. Maybe they'll get lucky and make it to the Borderlands, where they can live their dream of a "good" orcish society. After all the drama, you returned to Ambarona to check in with Narfel. You agreed to help him find black chrysanthe, the rare flower needed to brew the potion that can reverse the effects of Finarfin's curse.

Dramatis Personae

  • Telemnir, an elven ranger seeking redemption for his greatest shame. [Owen]

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Narfel: A respected member of the Wardens of Rillifane, who is indebted to you for your help.
  • Leithe and Myrddin: Two elves from Silas who fought with you against Finarfin.
  • Finarfin: A shadow druid that wanted to spread a curse that transforms elves into trees. You defeated him and turned him in to the Wardens.
  • Aredhel: A wandering druid who is in Ambarona at the moment. She's helping to restore those who fell to Finarfin's curse.
  • Davonil Asenar: A powerful elf that used to be one of the legendary Truthseekers. He's important in the politics of Lurkmoor.

Important Names

  • Lurkmoor: The forest of the High Elves, where you're currently adventuring.
  • Menhedrul: The beautiful, ancient grey elven city that is the capitol of Lurkmoor.
  • Ambarona: The town you're currently based in; it's the first elven town on the road to Lurkmoor.
  • Silas: The little village you saved from the plots of the shadow druid, Finarfin.
  • Wardens of Rillifane: An elite organisation of archers that protect some of Lurkmoor's cities. Loyal to the Elfqueen.