Campaign: Little Raven

Current Date: 20th of the 7th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

Entombed in darkness, you lapse in and out of consciousness. You pulled off the heist - the cloth-wrapped scepter is now in your arms - but at great cost. You were recognised and pursued - and the guards that chased you inflicted several deep cuts on you before you were able to get away. Having done what you did, there's likely to be a sizable bounty on your head in the near future - and it's unlikely the Fraternity of Nirrin will take kindly to the heist under the noses, either. Showing your face in Lionsgate again would likely be a death sentence.

For now, however, you're bloodied but alive. You're in the hidden compartment of a smuggler's riverboat, as he carries you out of the city under cover of night. He's Garrett's man, and is taking you to meet the scepter's buyer - or at least, so he says. Trapped and weakened as you are, you can only hope that none of them has decided to double-cross you.

Dramatis Personae

  • Hrafn, a greedy young thief desperate for power and influence. [Owen]

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Telvar: a half-elven smuggler. He's Garrett's contact, and got you out of Lionsgate after the Patriarch Heist went wrong.

Important Names

  • Fraternity of Nirrin: the local thieves' guild; they have a stranglehold on Lionsgate's northern slums.