Campaign: Little Raven

Current Date: 13th of the 7th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

You're working on a time limit after a series of mishaps; you followed a legendary thief, Garett, to a fence named Bosco. There, you got yourself caught and very nearly killed. Seeing that your intent wasn't fundamentally malicious, they decided to let you go - after exacting a certain toll, of course.

Now, however, Bosco has given you a certain proposition. He has a job he's willing to work with you outside of the Fraternity's knowledge - specifically, a heist on the Temple of All Gods to steal the Scepter of the Patriarch - but it needs to be done by the 20th. You know the place opens to the public for a few days from the 17th onwards, and little else. Now is a time for planning and preparation.

Dramatis Personae

  • Hrafn, a greedy young thief desperate for power and influence. [Owen]

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Damien: a thief of the Fraternity who seems interested in recruiting you to the guild.
  • Bosco: a fence for the Fraternity who sometimes works with independent specialists.
  • Seven-in-One: a brawny fistfighter that you shared a boat with, and have an on-off friendship with.
  • Bartimaeus: a merchant you helped out, who runs a pawnshop on Smithy Road.

Important Names

  • Fraternity of Nirrin: the local thieves' guild; they have a stranglehold on Lionsgate's northern slums.