Campaign: Little Raven

Current Date: 3rd of the 8th Moon, 208 AE

Session Summary

Your first week in the city of Lionsgate started shakily, as you came to terms with the local criminal underworld and tried to figure out how to ply your trade in such a place. After some false starts, however, you found a thief named Damien who was willing to put you through a trial: "impress us", he said.

With some preparation, you managed to pull off a score against The Crossed Lances, a wealthy merchant inn, and rob a lute salesman. You were caught at the end, but managed to escape into slums with the guards hot on your heels. You may have some trouble with the law from now on, and you owe three quarters of the profits to the Fraternity - but you're pretty sure this will impress them.

Dramatis Personae

  • Hrafn, a greedy young thief desperate for power and influence. [Owen]

Quest Hooks & Leads

Important People

  • Damien: a thief of the Fraternity who seems interested in recruiting you to the guild.
  • Seven-in-One: a brawny fistfighter that you shared a boat with, and now share a flea-bitten room with.
  • Bartimaeus: a merchant you helped out, who runs a pawnshop on Smithy Road.

Important Names

  • Fraternity of Nirrin: the local thieves' guild; they have a stranglehold on Lionsgate's northern slums.