The Continent of Kyujitai

Of all the known lands of Morus, Kyujitai is the most remote for the denizens of Leng. Separated by the vastness of the aptly-named Endless Ocean, which few ever cross, there has been little contact between the two continent for thousands of years. Though never a monoculture, Kyujitai was almost entirely unified as recently as 200 years ago. The Jade Empire, the most vast and powerful nation-state ever seen in the history of Morus, stretched across every land south of the great jungles and steppes. Only the distant and remote kingdoms of Sejong and Druk Yul were free from its influence. But while the Jade Empire still persists, it can no longer lay claim to dominion of the continent - not since an event that happened in 0 AE, known as the Great Upheaval. The horselords of the Crescent-Moon Steppes, unified under a powerful warlord, marched under the banner of the Chimera and broke the power of the Jade Empire.

Now, 200 years later, the state of Kyujitai is much changed. What was once a unified, powerful imperium is now a collection of scattered states. The Kingdoms of the Four Winds vie bitterly and endlessly for supremacy over the northern provinces, gaining and losing territory as they have been for centuries. A significant chunk of the Empire’s lands are now known as Chimeria, a city-state founded by the horselords with a stranglehold on trade over the Sea of Gold. And in the south, the remnants of the Jade Empire are still vast and powerful. But while life is peaceful for its citizens, they struggle constantly to maintain their borders - a task made harder by an ancient bureacracy that is rife with intrigue and power games.