The Arelonian Empire

Climate: Temperate to Cold
Geography: Hills, Valleys, Plains
Government: Imperial Autocracy
Values: Society, Tradition, Innovation, Militarism
Religion: Arelonian Pantheon

The west and east of Leng are divided, physically and culturally, by vast expanses of wilderness. Nowhere is this divide more apparent than in the naval superpower of Arelon. It is not the oldest surviving civilisation on Leng - Caragoth, its capital, was built shortly after Antiras, the oldest surviving city on the continent - but the Arelonians are nonetheless an ancient and civilised people. They worship a pantheon separate from both the old gods of Leng and the Trinity, which they believe was brought to them from the Otherworld by Emperor Numa I who bears the blood of Vulcan. Every Emperor since has been counted a demigod in his own right.

The Arelonian Empire, once a superpower that seemed like it would never end, is now dwindling. It is ancient and decadent. Once both Astinus and Agatea were mere Provinces of the Imperium, but by 680 BE both had seceded in an event that would come to be known as the "Great Rebellion". Although all three neighbours are uneasy fellows, Arelon no longer actively seeks to conquer the other two nations of Leng's western coasts. Instead, the Empire's attention is turned almost entirely towards the Sea of Pearls.

The Arelonians are a naval people, with the mightiest fleet on all of Leng. Yet almost all of their attention is turned westwards, to the lucrative shores of the Sea of Pearls. Ever since Agatea broke free from Arelonian control, the Sea of Pearls has been a struggle to control. Inhabited by the descendants of masterless Agatean mercenaries who swept over and colonised its islands while the Arelonian Empire was occupied with rebellion, the Sea of Pearls is Arelon's great project. Though the island colonies and the trade routes make up the bulk of Arelon's income, piracy and lawlessness is an epidemic that the Sea of Pearls is unlikely to be cleared of any time soon.