The City-States of Lorknir

A land of city-states and fractious warlords, Lorknir is a mercantile and tumultuous land. It is unified only by the Lorknir Pact, an ancient agreement and a relic from a more warlike time. The Lorknir Pact preserves the state of the ten kingdoms of the region - it is a limited alliance that states that if any nation of Lorknir declares war on another nation of Lorknir, the other eight kingdoms will unite with the defending party. Though this does not stop the Ten Kingdoms of Lorknir from working against each other, it at least means that they must be subtle about how they do so.

The city-states of Lorknir are known throughout Leng to be the merchant capitals of the continent, and not without reason. Lorknir occupies the center of Leng, and many of the safest and most profitable trade routes between the east and west pass directly through it. Without a single centralised government ruling it, each of the city-states rules their land in autonomy, which further promotes trade - though it also has given rise to lawlessness, as the decentralised kingdoms grant anonymity to outlaws. Nonetheless, the Lorknir Agreement at least guarantees that this anarchistic state of affairs does not give rise to all-out war, and most merchants are willing to risk Lorknir's roads with a good contingent of bodyguards.

The main trade routes of Lorknir connect the kingdoms of the west and north with Vingaard in the east. As the centrepiece to all of this, Antiras, the oldest city in the region, is also the richest and busiest. While many of the outlying city-states can seem wild and desolate by comparison, even the countryside of the central lands is filled with intrigue and activity. Besides the ancient cities in the jungles that sprawl along the south of Leng, humans have lived in Lorknir longer than anywhere else. Evidence of the region's storied past is everywhere; in the crumbling stone keeps, the ruins of white marble scattered across the landscape, and the ancient stones of Lorknir's cities.


South-East Lorknir