The Province of North Elf's Pact

North Elf's Pact is one of two ancient provinces of Vingaard that was ceded to the elves of Murthrid in ancient times. When King Eolus, first King of Vingaard, unified the Vintish kingdoms, he maintained the Elf's Pact as a place where men could benefit from the wisdom of elves. While it has served this purpose, it has often caused more trouble than it solved.

On one hand, the North Elf's Pact is a place of great beauty of splendour; it is the site of the ancient city of Fanegul, the City of Towers. Built by elves and dwarves working together in an age when cooperation came more easily, it is a shining example of architecture and the seat of the High Ambassador of the North. One of the few cities of the wood elves, it is a place where the works they have wrought for the sake of their own beauty can be shared.

Outside of Fanegul, however, the Elf's Pact is broad and rugged. The elves treat it in much the same way as they treat their own homeland; even along the main roads, the land is rough pastureland, and one can always see where civilisation gives way to wilderness. The Druids and rangers protect these wilds, after a fashion, but even so they are an attractive prospect for some with uncouth motives.

The Elf's Pact is nestled in the heart of Vingaard, but is not Vintish territory. Furthermore, its rulers are neglectful. This makes it a perfect place for those who operate outside the law to find a safe haven. The towns are filled with clandestine organisations, and the wilds are filled with secret hideouts and encampments. All told, it can be a dangerous and lawless place if one goes far from the beaten path; a strange mix between bastion of civilisation and trackless borderland.


The High Ambassador of the North is a man named Alator, a powerful mage. It is said that in his youth, he lusted for power and accepted the position of High Ambassador out of desire for the secrets of elven arcane. The years have tempered and humbled him, however, and he is known as a wise ruler. Technically speaking, however, he is no ruler: the High Ambassador's responsibility is to receive those who wish to enter the elven forests and find them a guide. In this way, journeys can be made into the Murthrid without the would-be wayfarers meeting an untimely end.

The High Ambassador is also responsible for commanding the Ambassadorial Guard, who control entry into the city of Fanegul. It is his duty to ensure that the minimum offense is paid either to the wood elves, or visiting nobles and dignitaries. Finally, as his title implies, he acts as a direct point of contact between Vingaard and Murthrid. He is regularly met by high-ranking Druids and by Adonessai from the Towers of Wisdom to coordinate political matters.

The final duty of the High Ambassador is to review the petitions of those who congregate in the Overlook, a permanent encampment just outside the gates of Fanegul. From those afflicted with lycanthropy or other diseases who seek the auspices of the Druids to those who seek elven wares, the High Ambassador decides which petitions are of importance and which petitioners should be admitted. Fanegul was built for elves, with wide open spaces and large buildings that are few in numbers. The inns are full at almost all times, so the flow of non-elves in and out must be carefully controlled.