Psychometabolic Sciences

Animal Affinity
Power Score: Con -4
Initial Cost: 15
Maintenance Cost: 4/round
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisite: none

When the psionicist first learns this power, he develops an affinity for a particular type of animal. He cannot choose the animal; the affinity is dictated by his aura. To determine the nature of the affinity, the psionicist's player rolls ld20 and consults the table below. From that point on, when the character invokes this power, he can claim one of the animal's attributes as his own-temporarily. He can gain the animals armor class, movement rate and mode, attacks and damage, THACO, hit points, or any other special ability. Only one of these can be used at a time, however. The effect lasts as long as the psionicist maintains the power. Switching to a different ability means paying the initial cost of the power again, and making a new power check. The character does undergo a physical change when this power is invoked. The extent of the change depends on the animal and the ability. For example, adopting a hawks movement obviously requires wings, while attacking like a tiger calls for fangs and claws.

1 Ape
3 Boar
4 Bull
5 Crocodile
6 Eagle, giant
7 Elephant
8 Falcon
9 Griffon
10 Grizzly bear
11 Lion
12 Panther (black leopard)
13 Percheron (draft horse)
14 Peregrine falcon (hawk)
15 Rattlesnake
16 Scorpion, giant
17 Shark
18 Stag
19 Tiger
20 Wolf

Power Score: The character gains two abilities instead of one.
20: The characters skin takes on the appearance of the animal's skin until the power is used again successfully (no change in AC).

Complete Healing
Power Score: Con
Initial Cost: 30
Maintenance Cost: na
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 24 hours
Area of Effect- personal
Prerequisite: none

The psionicist who has mastered this power can heal himself completely of all ailments, wounds, and normal diseases. He places himself in a trance for 24 hours to accomplish the healing. The trance is deep, and cannot be broken unless the character loses 5 or more hit points. As he uses this power, the psionicist's body is repairing itself at an incredible rate. At the end of the 24-hour period, the character awakes, restored to complete health in every regard except for the 30 PSPs he expended to use complete healing. If the character's power check fails, he breaks his trance after only one hour, having realized that the power was not working. Only 5 PSPs have been expended.
Power Score: The healing occurs in just one hour.
20: The psionicist awakes after the full 24 hours to discover that the attempt failed. He has expended 5 PSPs.

Death Field
Power Score: Con -8
Initial Cost: 40
Maintenance Cost: na
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 3
Area of Effect: 20 yd. rad.
Prerequisite: none

A death field is a life-sapping region of negative energy. Only psionicists of evil alignment can learn this power without suffering side effects. If any other psionicist tries to learn the death field, his alignment will gradually be twisted toward evil as he explores this very dark portion of his psyche. A successful death field takes it toll on everyone inside it, including the psionicist. Before he initiates this power, he must decide how many hit points he will sacrifice. If the power works, the loss is inevitable; he gets no saving throw. Every other living thing within the death field must make a saving throw vs. death. Those who succeed escape damage. Those who fail lose the same number of hit points as the psionicist. For the weak, that can mean death.
Power Score: The pionicist loses only half the number of hit points he specifies; victims who fail their saving throws lose the full amount.
20: The power fails, but the psionicist loses the hit points anyway.

Energy Containment
Power Score: Con -2
Initial Cost: 10
Maintenance Cost: na
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisite: none

A psionicist with this power has trained himself to safely absorb and assimilate energy from electricity, fire, cold, heat, and sound- energy that would fry, freeze, or otherwise harm a normal character. Any physical assault based on these energy types can be drawn into the psionicist's body. The character transforms the energy, and safely releases it as visible radiance (light). In effect, this protects the psionicist against energy attacks. If the psionicist makes a successful power check, he can double the result of his die roll when saving against an energy attack. If the character makes a successful saving throw, he suffers no damage from the attack. If he fails, he suffers only half damage, regardless of what the spell description (if applicable) states. When the character absorbs energy, he radiates visible light for a number of rounds equal to the points of damage he absorbed. If he suffered half damage, he radiates for that many rounds. If he suffered no damage, roll for damage anyway to see how long he glows. This glow is definitely noticeable, but it is soft, and illuminates no more than an area with a 2-yard radius.
Power Score: All saves against energy attacks automatically succeed during the round in which the power is in effect.
20: The psionicist becomes an energy attractor for 1 turn. All saves vs. energy attacks fail, causing full standard damage.

Life Draining
Power Score: Con -3
Initial Cost: 11
Maintenance Cost: 5/round
Range: touch
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: individual
Prerequisites: none

With this devotion, a psionicist can drain hit points from another character and use them to recover his own. This transfer occurs at the rate of 1d6 points per round. The character can absorb up to 10 more hit points than his healthy total, but these bonus points last only one hour. After that, if the psionicist still has more hit points than he should, the excess points vanish.
Power Score: Rate of drain increases to 1d20 points per round.
20:Backfire! Half of the psionicists remaining hit points are absorbed by the target, reversing the power's effects.

Power Score: Con -6
Initial Cost: 21
Maintenance Cost: I/turn
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 5
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisites: none

This science resembles polymorphing, but it has a much wider application. The psionicist can change himself into anythingwith approximately the same mass as his body: a wolf, a condor, a chair, a rock, a tree. While in this form, he retains his own hit points and THACO, if possible, but gains the armor class the new form. The psionicist also gains all physical attacks that form allows, but no magical or special abilities. (This all depends on the new form; a tree cannot attack, so THACOs and attacks are meaningless.) Like any massive change of shape, however, this causes great physical stress. The psionicist must make a system shock roll to survive the change. If the roll fails, he does not die, but the PSPs are expended and he passes out for 2d6 turns.
Power Score: The system shock roll automatically succeeds, and the new forms mass can be up to three times that of the psionicist's body.
20: The psionicist must save vs. paralyza-tion. Failure means he changes to the new form permanently.

Power Score: Con -6
Initial Cost: 12
Maintenance Cost: 3/round
Range: 0
Preparation Time: 0
Area of Effect: personal
Prerequisites: none

A psionicist using this power actually transforms himself into living shadow, along with his clothing, armor, and up to 20 pounds of equipment. He can blend perfectly into any other shadow and travel with a movement rate of 6. He can only travel through darkness and shadow, however. Areas of open light are impassable. While in shadow-form, the psionicist can be detected only by life detection, other types of psychic detection, or by a true seeing spell. He cannot harm anyone physically, or manipulate any corporeal object, but he can still use psionic powers. If the psionicist rolls a I on his power check, he becomes shadow but none of his clothing or equipment makes the switch.
Power Score: The psionicist gains all desirable powers of the "shadow" monster for ld4 turns.
20: The player must roll a save vs. lightning for the psionicist's most valuable item. If it fails, the item becomes shadow and drifts away, lost forever.