Talisman of Zagy: A talisman of this sort appears exactly the same as a stone of controlling earth elementals. Its powers are quite different, however, and are dependent upon the Charisma of the individual holding the talisman. Whenever a character touches a talisman of Zagy, a reaction check is made as if the individual were meeting another creature.

If a hostile reaction result is obtained, the device will act as a stone of weight, although discarding it or destroying it results only in 5d6 points of damage and the disappearance of the talisman.

If a neutral reaction results, the talisman will remain with the character for 5d6 hours, or until a wish is made upon it, whichever first occurs, and it will then disappear.

If a friendly reaction result is obtained, the character will find it impossible to be rid of the talisman for as many months as he has points of Charisma.

The device will grant one wish for every six points of the character's Charisma. It will also grow warm and throb whenever its possessor comes within 20 feet of a mechanical or magical trap. (If the talisman is not held, its warning heat and pulses will be of no avail.)

Regardless of which reaction result is obtained, when its time period expires, the talisman will disappear. A base 10,000 gp diamond will remain in its stead.

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